By listening to our customers' demands, we source and select the best suppliers, materials and techniques to deliver the best product at a realistic price. We work with our own factories, joint-venture partners and the best partner factories to meet our customers' needs while meeting the international standards like BSCI, SEDEX, ISO etc.. The factories are selected for their quality, social and ethical compliance, sustainability, efficiency and capacity. We are constantly evaluating our factory portfolio and sourcing the globe for new possibilities.


We aim to help and inspire our customers to design products that suit their brand and meet the demands of our time. We believe that together we can make the difference!!

Sample creation

We can arrange and help distribute sample collections to support sales but we can also make a single proto type to help the design process. And everything in between...


We follow strict procedures to closely monitor our production process.
At PAP we take our responsibility on every step of the supply chain seriously, as they are all equally important to us.

That is how we make the difference.