We collaborate

Our dedicated team has close and long-term relationships with international top fashion brands and their design teams. We closely follow the latest trends to give them the best possible input and to help them create new collections.

We innovate

Between brainstorming, designing and prototyping we make sure the vision of our customers becomes reality. Helping to think in concepts and to find creative and innovative solutions... it’s in our DNA.

We source

We work with factories that we have selected based on their quality, capacity, safety and compliance to international standards. We are constantly evaluating our factory portfolio and are sourcing worldwide for new possibilities.

We ship

We have a strong partner network in logistics that can offer our customers more than moving products from one place to another. With competitive international freight and customized logistic solutions we can anticipate challenges and make sure that goods arrive at their destination in the most efficient way possible.

We deliver

As PAP we highly value each customer and aim to find the best possible solutions to fit their needs. With twenty years of experience we can offer each customer the reliable and flexible solutions they need.